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We have a background in clinical and educational psychology and offer developmentally appropriate psychological treatment and therapies for children. Dr Emma Butler & Associates is based in Eltham but provides school and home consultations where clinically appropriate

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Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness meditation is becoming a common practice in the West to help us stay grounded inside of busy and demanding lives. The practice can improve our ability to stay in the present moment which maximizes our experience of being alive. Mindfulness can also improve the skills we use to face life’s challenges with grace1. Research now indicates that mindfulness practice improves our ability … Read More...


How reading rewires the brain

Reading lesson. A new study identifies several brain regions (colored areas) that respond more strongly to text in people who can read. Written language poses a puzzle for neuroscientists. Unlocking the meaning in a string of symbols requires complex neural circuitry. Yet humans have been reading and writing for only about 5000 years—too short for major evolutionary changes. Instead, reading … Read More...